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Dr. Hardy’s office is one of only three offices in the state of Utah which offers the researched based IDD Therapy® treatment and protocols...


Welcome to the IDD Therapy Website


This site is designed to fully inform the millions of Americans who suffer with debilitating neck and back pain on a daily basis. Patients can now be informed and updated with current working knowledge of these conditions and the latest Non-Surgical breakthrough technology called IDD Therapy® treatment.

Introduction on IDD Therapy Treatment:


Dr. Timothy Kremchek, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
IDD Therapy as seen on ESPN, HBO, USA Today and
Sports Illustrated...

Dennis E. McClure, M.D.

Spinal Decompression and IDD Therapy
A Revolutionary Approach To Back Pain

If you or your family members have been struggling with these debilitating conditions with little or no relief, then ask yourself the following questions.

  st george pain  Are you currently dependant on medications on a daily basis?  

  st george pain  Are you limited in daily activities?  

  st george pain  Have you had repeated injections or epidurals with little or no relief?  

  st george pain  Are you considering surgery and are uncomfortable with that choice?  

  st george pain  Have you had surgery with little or no benefits?

  st george pain  Did your surgery make your condition worse?

  st george pain  Have all your options been presented to you?  

  st george pain  Have you already tried chiropractic or physical therapy?  

  st george pain  Have you been out of work due to pain?

  st george pain  Has this affected your marriage and/or relationships with others?

  st george pain  Has this affected your lifestyle?

  st george pain  How much time and money have you lost?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then non-surgical IDD Therapy® treatment is certainly a viable treatment option and could very well be what you’re looking for.

We sincerely want you to utilize all the material and animations provided for your benefit.

You are going to have some decisions to make, and you should be making those decisions based on your comfort level.


What makes our office and IDD Therapy® treatment program different from
spinal decompression.


The initial difference is the IDD Therapy® treatment equipment that we have
incorporated into our practice.

Please read the section’s on Clinical studies, Consumer Alert and the
Spinal Decompression Lineage...


The second difference is the training Dr. Hardy has in additional disciplines of physical therapy, integrative and alternative medicine.

The majority of patients do exceptionally well using only the Accu-SPINA, although
Dr. Hardy may also incorporate the following therapies in those few patients that may need additional help to the IDD Therapy® treatment program to give you the best and quickest results.

These additional therapies, if needed may also include:

  st george pain  Acupuncture
  st george pain  Biopuncture
  st george pain  Homeopathic Injections
  st george pain  Chinese herbal medicine
  st george pain  R
ehabilitative Exercise’s
  st george pain  Acuscope / Myopulse
  st george pain  L
ow level laser
  st george pain  Oxygen therapy
  st george pain  Percussion therapy
  st george pain  Instrument adjusting  
  st george pain  Myofascial release techniques  
  st george pain  Trigger point therapy  
  st george pain  Migun Therapeutic
  st george pain  Aqua PT Massage Bed
  st george pain  Electric stimulation
  st george pain  Ultrasound  
  st george pain  Infrared heat
  st george pain  Cryotherapy
  st george pain  Nutritional support  
  st george pain  Anti - Inflammatory Diet
  st george pain  Anti - Inflammatory Nutraceuticals  

All of the above therapies enhance and aid to accelerate the healing process. 


Choices must be made...

Some treatments are aimed at pain suppression and temporary pain relief.

Other treatments are corrective in nature. Know the difference!


Empower yourself to choose those procedures that make sense to you, it’s your health.

Get All The Life Changing Benefits, of IDD Therapy® treatment Today!

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“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything”